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The 5 Hardest African countries for Nigerians to travel to

If you’re intending to visit any of these nations, you should probably be ready for the worst since you might not enjoy being rejected.

Due to a number of variables, entering any of these nations as a Nigerian proves to be an incredibly difficult undertaking.

Not quite the best passport in Africa is the Nigerian passport. As a result, not many nations allow Nigerians to visit there without a visa or other hassles. For the avoidance of doubt, bearers of Nigerian passports are permitted access without a visa into 17 African nations.

Other than those 17, quite a few people have less arduous travel routines. However, the five nations listed below have proven to be the most difficult for Nigerians to travel to on the continent.

In 2018, there was an increase in reports of Nigerians crossing the desert to reach Libya in order to immigrate to Europe and get caught up in slave trades there. 160 Nigerians were just repatriated from Libya. Therefore, it makes sense that people who want to travel to Libya but have dubious or ambiguous reasons for doing so are turned away.

Nigerians are not eligible for visas on arrival in South Sudan. Like any other foreign country, you must visit the embassy to apply for a visa; but, if you lack the necessary papers or a valid cause for your trip, your application may be denied.

In the southern region of Africa, Botswana is known for its animal adventures. Nigerian citizens must apply for a tourist visa in order to visit this country. In fact, their official website says: “All Citizens of Commonwealth countries do not require visa except those from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.” So…

Nigeria is NOT one of the numerous African nations that do not require visas for travel to this tiny landlocked nation in South Africa. Additionally, you must apply at their embassy for a tourist visa.
In fact, Namibia has risen to the top of the list of destinations that Africans desire to visit. As travelers from Nigeria, we can’t precisely say the procedure is simple.
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