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DAWN: PDP not treating Nyesom Wike fairly

Democratic Ambassadors for Wike Nationwide (DAWN) has strongly denounced the alleged abuse of Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike of Rivers State during the People’s Democratic Party presidential primaries (PDP).
Ochekwu Morgan O, the young group’s chairman/convener, claimed in a statement that the PDP and other party stalwarts had not treated Governor Wike equitably.
Comrade Ochekwu claimed that the internal party democracy system was already flawed and that the party had not yet applied its lessons.

He said, “The party should regard Wike as a blessing to its fold, someone who deserves to be indulged and treated with utmost respect. Who knows what might have happened to the PDP today if Wike’s tenacity and cunning hadn’t prevailed. The party was on the verge of extinction in 2015 after conceding loss to the APC, but Wike’s cunning saved the day and has stuck by the party ever since.

“H. E. Nyesom Wike has proven that he is a true party man and a reliable individual. It was him, Wike, who stuck by, demonstrating complete dedication in terms of both time and material resources, at a time when the majority of party members were drastically losing faith. So it won’t be incorrect to call Wike the architect of the contemporary PDP.

While urging the party to take the necessary action, the organization stated that it had “nothing against the person of H. E. Sen. DR. Ifeanyi Okowa, nor are we saying he is not suited to be, we are simply saying the process is defective.”

The obvious choice, Governor Wike, should have been respected.

A youngster should not be beaten while being told not to weep. In our eyes, it is never improper for Wike to express his rage in the manner in which he is doing so right now, and as his most important supporters and disciples, whatever stance he chooses with the party moving ahead and the upcoming general election will define our views.

“There is no greater injustice than creating a committee to select the party’s vice presidential candidate, only to have the committee revoke its decision when it had unanimously selected a particular candidate (Wike). Because Wike is an idea whose time has come, all we are asking is that justice be done and peace be made with Wike if the party is to advance in the 2023 Presidential race.

According to the group, “Today Wike is the lovely bride that everyone is pursuing. This is due to his prior record of greatness and popularity, which spans throughout the entire nation.”

We wish the PDP well in the upcoming general election while congratulating them on their “hard-earned victory in Osun state, a stronghold of the APC.”

Comrade Ochekwu asked the party and its stakeholders to put the party’s internal democracy mechanism in place as soon as possible in order to ensure that the right thing is done.

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